Every church family is unique.  River Oak Grace may not be like other churches.  However, we believe we have a passion for worship, practical teaching, a deep love for Jesus and a desire to see people's lives transformed by Jesus.

We believe and follow 4 main characteristics that identify Christians.

  1. We Believe in Jesus

  2. We Belong to His family

  3. We Become His disciple

  4. We Build His Kingdom

If you are interested in being a part of the River Oak Grace Worship Ministry please contact Kasey Embry at kembry@riveroakgrace.org or contact the church office at 209-847-9428.

At ROG, we understand worship to be a lifestyle that encompasses weekend singing and praying as a gathering of church family as well as subtler aspects of our everyday individual routines.

Scripture tells us that when we offer our lives to God for His purpose, we are actually participating in a special, spiritual act of worship. And when, as a church community, we begin to connect to God in a way that goes beyond the motions, we start to see worship in a whole new dimension that is an integral part of the way we live our lives and relate to those around us.